#WalkAway Campaign Founder

I am Brandon Straka, the Founder of the #WalkAway™ Campaign.

My work with #WalkAway has been the most rewarding and fulfilling work I've ever done. It has brought me places I never dreamed I'd go, and allowed me to meet and work with some of the most interesting and dynamic people in the world. But it's far from glamorous most of the time. The majority of the work is spent in meetings, phone calls, creative planning, traveling, shooting videos, editing videos, promoting videos, and planning our next events, initiatives, and ways we can effect change. Some of my speaking engagements allow me a fee to cover costs. But the rest of the work I do generally does not generate a regular income. That's why I ask the Patriots in #WalkAway and any supporters of the work I'm doing to please be a monthly contributor to my work.

I'm asking for contributors to please pledge to make a monthly contribution for one year.

There are options as low as $5 a month! If you don't see a monthly contribution option that you like, please notify me and I'll add the amount you prefer.

A regular, monthly contribution allows me to budget month to month. This allows me to see how many speaking/travel engagements I can commit to throughout the year, as well as personal budgeting, and budgeting for equipment/software/office/various work costs.

The work that my team and I are doing with #WalkAway is vitally important to changing the trajectory of our country from the decline it's been put in by the political left. PLEASE pledge to be a monthly supporter for at least one year!

Thank you!
Brandon Straka

Monetary support offered to Brandon Straka through Unsilent Minority LLC is not considered a charitable gift and is not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes

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